New start

Hi.  Welcome.  It’s me.  The person who, by the evidence of my hard drive, has written you no fewer than four Christmas letters and never mailed them to you.**  (Because I’m assuming you only found this blog by being told by me directly that it was here.  And hence that I already like you rather a lot.)

The person who kept up a somewhat sporadic blog on another site, until it fizzled out under the weight of my chronic conviction that I had nothing of interest to say — until, suddenly, there’s was lots to say, because I was out doing exciting new things, and hence too busy to keep up a blog.

The person who dislikes the phone and really pretty much hates video conferencing and actually isn’t too bad a hand at e-mails, when she thinks to send them.  Which isn’t often.

…wait a minute.  Do you know who this is?  Do I need to reintroduce myself here?  Heavens, I’ve been gone a long time.

It’s me!  Under a new name and — dare I say — new management.  So, yes, rather a lot has happened since whenever it was you heard from me last.  But I am out to change that.


This time, I have plans.  And doings of interest!  …almost nothing but doings, it seems.  The Management is shaking up my world some.  There’s already such a backlog of things to tell — which will all wait their turn for their own posts, like good things.

Believe it or not.

** I reread them last night. They’re pretty good.  Too bad you missed them.  I believe I was rather witty in some.


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