To begin with

Let’s begin at the beginning.

Let me rephrase that — let’s begin at the beginning of the new.  When you read this blog last, I was toiling away on my grad studies, coping with what often felt like an overwhelming, all-consuming health condition, and generally slogging through life with the hope of sunshine and the occasional glimmer of awesome.

Then this happened:


And, inevitably, that led to this:

St. Michael’s Island, MD

And this:

Philadelphia, PA

And this:

Times Square, NY

And this:

San Luis Obispo, CA

..and then to this:

Segovia, Spain

And, finally, to this:

South Bend, IN

I decided not to fight it.  Providence had decided it was time to be happy.  Who am I to disagree with that?

Costa Rica honeymoon


3 thoughts on “To begin with

  1. What a nail-biter! Things looked a little dodgy there for a minute around the New York picture, but then by the Spain picture it was clear that everything was coming up roses. (Hee.)

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