Too, too cute

It’s funny — this woman is running this little craft business from her home in Canada; she was suddenly “discovered” on the internet — facebook and pinterest and blogs — and her site has gone viral.  She’s actually asked people to stop telling people about her site until she can catch up on the hundreds of orders pouring in.

…which I’m going to ignore, because I have never seen anything this cute in my life.  So, ma’am, you’re a victim of your own awesomeness.  Deal with it.

(I first saw her site through Karen on facebook, and then again on pinterest.  So, there you go.)

Send her a child’s drawing(s):

…and she’ll send back a custom, handmade, stuffed toy(s) to match:

Seriously.  That has got to be the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

…also, I want one.


One thought on “Too, too cute

  1. I agree, these are screamingly adorable! Addie’s still in stick figure stage when it comes to drawing, but you can bet we’ll be doing this eventually.

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