Remember that post about The Beginning?  (I haven’t written that many posts yet.  Scroll down, you’ll find it.)  That post needs another installment.

*deep breath*

We just saved a ton of money by switching to Geico!


Sorry.  Heard that line from a friend years ago and have been dying to use it.  No!  We’re having a baby!

Actually, I assume that most of you know this already.  But for those of you who hadn’t heard, allow me to introduce you:

…admittedly, this was taken three months ago when he was smallish and wasn’t quite sure what he was going to make of himself.  He’s much more focused now and, may I add, doing a fantastic job in the cute department.  I’d show you one of his more recent efforts, but the photo is downstairs, I’m upstairs, and my camera is in some unspecified location.

Also, I’m 27 weeks pregnant.  I get to be lazy.

Oh, I should add, though, to clear up any confusion: we say “he” out of grammatical propriety.  We don’t actually know if it’s a boy or a girl.  …though The Management has taken to calling the baby “Jackson”, at the suggestion of his four-year-old niece, which he finds hilarious and I am finding increasingly annoying.

So we compromised.  He asked my four-year-old nephew recently what he thought we should call the baby, and Thomas replied, without a pause, “Opus.”  Aside from finding this…enigmatic, coming from a child who has probably never encountered anything named “Opus” in his life, I find it very apt.

He is, indeed, a work in progress.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…Opus Jackson.

[UPDATE: My sister just reminded me that Thomas’s full name for the baby was “Opus Baggins.”  But Opus Baggins Jackson is just really not an option.  Even in jest.]


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