Baby shower!

Two weeks ago, my sisters and mother threw me a baby shower.

I kid you not when I say, Best. Shower. Ever.   Everything I normally hate about showers — the cheesy, embarrassing games, the cutesy favors — was noticeably absent.  And not surprisingly.  My sister Margaret, especially, has made a name for herself, both among the family and the readers of the blog she contributes to, as an event-planner/organizer extraordinaire.

Personally, I think of her as my go-to resource for everything Awesome.  You know that person who just always seems to know the coolest undiscovered hang-outs, the best indie music, the most original, can’t-live-without-’em iPhone apps?  Who seems to ooze interesting conversation topics about this or that current event, picked up from fascinating podcasts you’ve never heard of?  Who can whip together at a moment’s notice some hip, Prohibition-Era cocktail from her stash of artisanal gin?**  Yeah.  That’s Margaret.

[You don’t know anyone like this?  Well, I only know one.  …though I suppose that makes me cooler than you.]

So, with Margaret organizing, and my mother and sisters Amy and Karen contributing behind the scenes, the party was a smash hit.***

Fortunately, Margaret has already described the party, the invitations, decorations, food, and games, in her own blog posts.  So I’ll just leave you with a few teasers as you head over to check them out:

Thanks, again, to my family for all their work, and to all those who were able to attend for their friendship, generosity, and joy for the coming arrival of Opus Jackson!  I am blessed to have such a supportive crowd behind me.

**Normally, you hate this person.  Way to make your life seem unbearably dull and conventional by contrast.  Hating these people makes us feel like, we may be boring losers, but we’re morally-superior boring losers.  However, I defy you to muster anything negative towards this girl stronger than a mild, fretful unease that impels you to organize your sock drawer.  …or maybe that’s just me.

***Just to round out your sense of this team: my sister Amy is an amazing writer, editor, and desktop publisher whose 6-year-old son can read and translate Latin passages on sight and who is managing an ever-developing 3-acre homestead; Karen is raising twin four-year-olds, a two-year-old, and a newborn while homeschooling and growing a side-business as a baker and party decorator for-hire; and my mom is the creative powerhouse whose sewing, embroidering, quilting, toll-painting, gingerbread-house constructing, and birthday-cake decorating inspired everyone to begin with.

Hate my family yet?

…me neither.

All photos by Margaret Cabaniss.

[UPDATE: My dad objected to being left off the list of amazing family members.  I told him this was because he (wisely and not unwillingly) left the shower-planning to the wimmin-folk and was hence not part of the “team.”  Still, this is a guy who, in addition to being a near-invincible opponent in practically every game imaginable, can hand-craft beautiful built-in bookcases, stained-glass windows, Pysanky eggs, and calligraphy texts, throw together an impressive omelet, write poetry, and gleefully devise any gadget involving ropes and pullies.  He was even found once crocheting tiny candy baskets to hang on the Christmas tree, just to prove he could do it.

I believe he went out afterwards and dropped a tree in the backyard to right the balance.]


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