Month Two!

If the first month of our life with Dominic seemed incredibly long (which it did — so much that was brand new at every turn!), the second month has flown by.  So what happened this month?




And *that* is how far I got with *that* post.  It is now more than half-way through his second month.  Geez Louise!  How do you mothers ever find time to post to your blogs?!   Well, fine — here’s a two-and-a-half month update!

1. Dominic has been smiling more and more in response to personal interactions; now, he smiles specifically in response to a smile.  It’s hard to explain how this is different from before. I used to have to do more of a song and dance to get him to smile and coo — basically, I had to amuse him.  Now I just catch his eye, grin at him, and I get a happy grin in response.  It makes him suddenly seem so much older and more aware, like he’s just happy to see me, without any fanfare! 

2.  Baby laughed for the first time while we were on our vacation in California this week!  Well, I should modify that: before this trip, he has giggled once in his sleep and once while nursing (which has to be just about the cutest thing ever.)  This past month, he would register greater levels of amusement by opening his mouth wider and wider as he smiled; just a few days ago, he added sound.  True, it was more of a gurgle than a laugh, but it was definitely audible happiness!

    UPDATE, 11/8: yesterday, he tried out an actual laugh.  It was as if someone told him, “Laugh!  You know, go, ‘ha ha ha ha!’ ” Dominic’s attempt was more like “Haaaaaaaaaa.  Haaaaaaaaaaa!”


Gah!  This is taking days!  Okay.  Posting this now, to get it *up*, and more dribs and drabs as I can squeeze them in!


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