1. Dominic is babbling and cooing all the time now. Mostly he says “angggggggooo” and “awaaah, ooooh!” and sticks out his little tongue over and over as he smiles. Plus he rolls his G’s — it’s a little gurgling, burbling sound that pretty much reduces mommy to a puddle.

2. Over the past month, I’ve noticed a shift in baby’s affections and attention. While it used to be that both daddy and mommy could calm him and make him smile, a very distinct order of preference has emerged recently: the new (hopefully temporary) order of loved objects goes 1) mommy, 2) any ceiling fan, 3) daddy. I overheard Dominic’s long, rapturous ode to the bedroom fan this morning. Daddy got half a smile for all his efforts.

3. Baby had his two(-and-a-half) month check-up and vaccines two days ago. When he was born, and especially a few days after, his weight was frighteningly low. At the one month mark, he’d jumped up to the twenty-something-eth percentile. Master Chubs is now at the 47th percentile for weight, at 12 lbs, 11 oz and climbing! Other noteworthy accomplishments — baby grew THREE inches last month alone! Good thing mommy gets his clothes at consignment shops…

4. Dominic sleeps with his eyes partially open at times. It moderately creeps me out. It looks like he’s observing me on the sly under the pretense of napping on my lap this moment. (“What are you writing? Tell them how much I spit up yesterday.”. “No, honey, I’m not going to tell them that.”)

5. I had my first day back at work yesterday. From now until mid-February, I will work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday while daddy stays home with kiddo. For all that I have been dreading this day, it went much better than anticipated. Since baby was in his own house, being cared for by his eminently capable father, I didn’t feel like scum for abandoning my child. And being back at work was almost pleasant, in a way — structure, productivity, using a skill set… I’m sure that in a week or two, the renewed novelty will wear off and I’ll hate walking out that door each morning, but for now, we’re all doing okay! (Dominic was a little extra clingy when I came home and wanted me to hold him until he fell asleep in my arms, but he hadn’t fussed all day.)

6. Regarding said carrying baby around, something is going to have to change: I have muscle knots all up and down my back, and they are on FIRE. Good news: it doesn’t feel like anything more serious than over-worked muscles! Still. Core exercises are definitely in my future.

7. Pictures to follow. I’m on my iPad.


One thought on “More

  1. love to hear the updates from your world 🙂

    Eóin went through a stage where his preferences were Mommy, fan, Daddy a distant third. Now, at two years old his preferences are 1) Daddy 2) any kind of ball 3) Mommy* 4) Nana. *with Mommy being usurped by Nana at least 3 out of 7 days 😛

    Eóin was about three works when I went back to work part time, and left him in the hands of Daddy. It was rough in some ways, but looking back now I credit his awesome bond with Andrew to those months of Daddy care. It’s lovely to see.

    Don’t you just looove all the noises they are making at this stage?

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