6 months old!

Baby is half a year old today!  That is suddenly terrifying.  I honestly can’t believe that much time has already gone by.  So!  Here’s another collection of random new happenings.

1.  Last week, Dominic discovered his toes.  Now he’s constantly grabbing his feet — or the ends of his socks — while I’m trying to change his diaper, while lying on his activity mat, hanging out on the bed…  It’s definitely his current fascination.  (Mommy’s current fascination is taking 87 photos of her baby playing with his feet.)



2.  Dominic is trying very hard to sit up.  When I put him in his reclining bouncy seat in the mornings, he’ll keep himself upright for several seconds before leaning back when his abs give out.  He can…almost…stay upright in a sitting position for a few seconds if you prop him up just right, but the best you can generally expect is to see him list slowly to starboard before toppling over on his face.

Image(Here, I think it’s the weight of the cheeks that’s the problem…)




He does very well if you put him in his Bumbo, though:


3. He’s starting to show a real interest in food.  He has been watching us eat very closely for a few weeks, following the fork from plate to mouth and back again; this past week, he reached out and nabbed a granola bar wrapper from my hand.  Of course, this morning he also ripped a leaf off of one of our plants and tried to shove that in his mouth, so he’s still a bit indiscriminate.  I think we’ll wait another week or so before starting on solid foods, but when we do, hooooooooooooooh boy, because —

4.  Dominic’s love of blowing raspberries has not decreased any.  If anything, he’s perfected them.  He can soak the entire front of his onesie with his drool-inducing lip-buzzing in under two minutes.  And this evening, in what I took to be a very bad sign for the coming foray into baby food, he blew several raspberries that sprayed a hefty quantity of his reflux medicine in Mommy’s face.

And then he laughed.

…come to think of it, he was giggling to himself as I was squeezing the medicine into his mouth, which would indicate that this was entirely premeditated.

This will not end well.

(I’m working on putting together a video of the raspberry blowing for your entertainment.  Because you are naturally as fascinated and entertained by a baby making typical baby noises as I am.  Stay tuned!)


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