Video test

I’m trying to figure out how to upload videos so you all can see them — the version of WordPress i’m using doesn’t seem to allow me to upload them directly.   I’m making a trial run with a private YouTube channel — if you would, follow the link here and tell me if you can access the video.

And if you wouldn’t mind, do a search for the video afterwards on the YouTube site to see if I’ve set up the privacy settings appropriately.  I’m hoping that you won’t find it through a normal search.

You know.  We have to keep out the riff-raff.

UPDATE: So the link didn’t work the first time.  Try it now.  (12:06pm)


2 thoughts on “Video test

  1. Hello Jenny: I tried to get the video open but it said “Private” and would not open??? You all have a very handsome Dominic and will be anxious to meet him soon.!!..

  2. The link works and I was unable to find it via searching … which should not be totally reassuring inasmuch as my searches are often frustrated. I’ve never been good at ferreting things out.

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