Resurrected post I

Alright.  I am five months behind on this blog, at least.  In fact, I don’t even know if that’s a true statement because I haven’t even been on my own blog yet to check to see how far behind I am.  So, before I can launch into new things, I have to first dig up all of the old new things in posts that never saw the light of publish.  

…and I’m not going to polish these at all, ’cause honestly, if they sat around this long waiting for that spit and shine, the odds aren’t really in favor of successful (read: completed) editing.  

So.  First, a draft dated December 30, 2013:


Hoo, lots to catch up on!  [Look at that!  An unpublished post about how I haven’t published any posts!  We’re getting a little meta here.]

1. Dominic is walking, all the time now!  He began cruising when Gran and Grandpa came to visit us in September, (giving himself a beautiful bruise on his chin when he cruised his way off the end of the footrest under the bar.)  Several weeks later, Grandma Mary came to stay, along with her walker, which Dominic immediately and gleefully claimed as his own.  He could often be seen trundling along under the front of the walker, holding onto the bar, while Grandma Mary pushed the handles behind.  Grandpa Vince, witnessing all of this on Skype, saw an opportunity and bought baby a walker wagon, which Dominic immediately loved and used to race Grandma around the kitchen.

Within a month, Dominic was taking a few hesitant steps between his parents on the living room rug, with more intentional collapses and giggles than distance covered.  Distance didn’t really enter the picture until Uncle Paul, Aunt Valerie, and Malea came to stay in early November; suddenly, with his aunt and uncle as targets, Dominic decided to cross the length of the kitchen, casual as you please, to the cheers and claps of an appreciative audience.  His next big leap forward happened at Gran and Grandpa’s over Thanksgiving; surrounded by the entire Cabaniss side of the family, Dominic began taking more and more solo trips across longer and longer distances, most likely to better keep up with his highly-mobile cousins.  After that, there was no looking back, hesitating, or clinging to mommy’s fingers (much).  Dominic quickly decided that he was done with crawling, and no amount of initial unsteadiness would deter him.

Moral of the story: Dominic will only decide to apply himself to learning new skills when he feels he has a sufficient audience of extended family around to cheer on his every move.

2. Part of this whole “done with crawling” attitude is, unfortunately, a refusal to crawl up and down the stairs.  He wants to WALK them, thank you very much, despite being hilariously unable to actually do this yet.  …the less hilarious part is when he starts off at the top of the stairs, extends one leg out straight in front of him, and pitches face-first.  Sadly, tumbles down the stairs don’t seem to deter him much.

3. bobbing and weaving walk, with wide, dramatic hand gestures and lots of babbling

4. gestures: imitating us a lot more: talking on the telephone, everything from our cell phones to upside-down spatulas.  I pump lotion into my hand, he immediately grins and starts rubbing his hands together.  Working on his new puzzle, he can’t figure out where to put the pieces yet, but he’ll place one randomly on the board, then tap one of the holes with his index finger, the way Mommy does when she works the puzzle with him.  Also finally learned to give high-fives and shake hands; still working on the fist-bump.

5. Taking Christmas presents to the neighbors two days before Christmas, on a night that was bitterly cold.  We bundled him up in his giant puffer coat, stuffed his hands into a set of mittens, put a Santa hat on his head, and loaded his walker wagon with little baggies and tins of goodies to distribute.  It was as screamingly adorable as you’re picturing.  Phillip carried him and the wagon to the driveway of each unit, then put him down and pointed him towards the door, while I ran the video camera and rang the doorbell.  Phillip had already made the rounds of the units to make sure everyone was home before we started out, so everyone was ready at their doors, with enormous smiles and squeals of admiration and a few camera phone shots.

After his initial uncertainty about the whole project, Dominic began enjoying all the attention, and we usually had to hold him back from offering each neighbor all the goodies in his wagon.  He smiled and gave high-fives and even a few kisses on request, and generally cemented our position as Best Neighbors on the East Race.  (We’ll post the videos as soon as we can figure out how to get them off the camera, onto my computer, and into a format that we can actually post!)



What that fifth point was going to be, who knows.  Possibly something about my enormous belly and the impending arrival of the second Munoz spawn, which I expected to be about three weeks away.  

So, so wrong. 



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