Love and annoyance.  They always seem to go together.

These two do love each other, though!  Madeleine grins and kicks and reaches for Dominic whenever he comes near her bouncy seat or her space on the play mat.  (Which changes to annoyance when Dominic tries to poke her nose and ends up in the vicinity of her eye.)  She seems mostly enthralled with him, which sometimes manifests itself in pulling his hair or scratching his face when he gets too close.  It’s tough love.

Just hangin' in Dominic's crib.

Just hangin’ in Dominic’s crib.

As for Dominic, he tends to blow hot and cold.  At Madeleine’s first well-check after her birth, Dominic attacked the nurse who tried to take Madeleine from me in a burst of protective fervor.  He loves to pat her head goodnight and give her “kisses”, and he always points to her empty car seat base when we put him in the car first, as if to say: “We aren’t leaving without my minion!”  He stuffs her mouth with pacifiers (a pacifier already in her mouth is no deterrent) and tries to feed her from any empty bottles sitting around.  He usually wants her to be with us when we say our bedtime prayers, but he will also unceremoniously order her and daddy out of the room when it’s time for Mommy to sing him a lullaby.  (And if Mommy happens to be holding Madeleine during prayers, heaven forbid, he will grab her sleeper and try to pull her off my lap so he can take up his rightful place.)  If her play mat is lying across his path, he will look at me and make emphatic, “Take this thing away!” gestures, and he’s not too wild about Madeleine playing with his toys, including the ones he hasn’t seen or wanted in over a year.

Double the attitude.  ("Oh.  We're going for a walk.  'Yay.'")

Double the attitude. (“Oh. We’re going for a walk. ‘Yay.'”)

In other words: perfectly normal siblings!  (Except much cuter than the average.  It has to be said.)




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