Dominic is slowly adding more words to his original two-word repertoire. While I have the feeling he could say far more than he does — every time we ask him to say something, his finger goes straight into his grinning mouth and we get incoherent mumbles — we’re definitely seeing some progress.

Mostly we get the first syllable of various words: “wa” for water, “ba” for…well, ball, butter (which is like baby crack to him — eats it straight), and Bob (the stroller).

No, we did not name our stroller Bob. That’s what it’s called. (It’s written on the side, okay?)

BUT! Lest his teeny-tiny expressive vocabulary be taken as a sign of little intelligence, I would like to note that he can count. …sort of. This is what it’s like going up the stairs with him now:

Dominic: “….nuuuuuunn…?”

Us: “one…”

Dominic: “….dooooo…?”

Us: “two…”


Us: “…three…”


Us: “…four…”


Us: “…five…”

Dominic: “Saiks!”

He’s a genius, I tell you. He’s done it twice now, so I KNOW it’s deliberate.

Oh — for several weeks now, too, we’ve been hearing him sing a snatch of some melody that always includes “aaaa-sheeesh, aaaaa-sheesh….” towards the end.  It took us a while to realize he is singing “ashes, ashes” from Ring Around the Rosie. Which we’ve sung to him, like, twice.

So, there you go. Genius.



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