A bit more…

Heard from Dominic in the last 24 hours:

Playing with his little plastic container of pom-poms, which he is supposed to use tongs to pick up and move from one container to another, but which usually end up being poured over his head in a happy pom-pom shower.  Picking one up and placing it on his palm to show me: “Mom-mom!”

Playing in the living room early in the morning as folks slowly wandered downstairs to start the day.  Looking up and seeing Grandpa rounding the corner into the kitchen: “Bump-pa!”

Asking for the millionth repeat of his favorite song on his Peter, Paul, and Mommy CD about being swallowed by a boa constrictor: “‘Gen? ‘gen?”  [Me: *sigh* “No, honey, not again.”]


…also, he is starting to really sing along to well-known songs for real now.  Some of those songs have nice sustained notes in the refrain, which Dominic can now match in pitch and even anticipate!




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