More language notes

Keeping running notes on these so I won’t forget!

“Baba? baba? baba?”
“You would like some butter, Dominic?”
“Okay!”  [Wait, that wasn’t an offer…]

Said plaintively, any time we try to change him, in any kind of climate: “Ah coe! Ah coe!” [I’m cold!]

Once a walk has been agreed to, Dominic wants to find out whether each member of the household will be coming along: “Mama wok? Dada wok? Wawuk [Aunt Margaret] wok?”

If the answer to the last question is “no”, Dominic counters with: “Wawuk WUN!” [“run” — i.e., run with him in the jogging stroller up to campus so he can play on the playground.  He’s very economical with his expressions.]

Indicating his preference for seating arrangements at dinner: “Mama dap!” [Mommy’s lap]

Turning onto Sycamore Street with our house coming into view: “Dominic, where are we?”
“Hummmmmmmmmmmm!” [home]

Informing me what he would like to have for dinner tonight:
“Bins! Bins ay jip jop!  Bins ay yice ay jip jop.  …ay jupe!”  [What? You didn’t catch that? Here: “Beans! Beans and pork chop! Beans and rice and pork chop. …and soup!”]

And finally, Dominic’s first complete sentence, said yesterday: “Boo bus!  Izee… Izee boo bus!” [Blue bus!  I see…I see blue bus!]

Bonus: Dominic’s favorite phrase by a mile (or 27): “GAN!  …ay PAPA!  Uh, Papa ay GAN!” (He says this 100 times a day, often completely out of the blue.  Also, in his mind, Grandpa now drives many of the trucks in his giant truck book, and Gran is always with him in the passenger seat!  He’s especially fond of pointing out “Grandpa” sitting in the telephone line repair truck.)


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