Dominic broke down in tears over some minor catastrophe this morning, like not being able to find the F among his foam letters.  I convinced him to sit in my lap while he wailed and swiped at his gooey nose.  I was doing my best to talk him back to sanity and calm when I noticed Mimi had crawled over to him.  She pulled the paci out of her mouth and tried to insert it in his, then gave him one of her head-butt hugs and made kissy noises at him.

…apparently, though, she only has love to spare for him when he isn’t immediately threatening her claim on Mommy’s full affections.  After I finished my afternoon work at 5pm and came down to join the sitter and the kids, both immediately came up to me and wanted to be held.  After picking up Dominic, I asked the sitter to hand Madeleine to me so I could hold her in my other arm.  Dominic thought this was all very jolly and tried to give Mimi hugs.  Mimi responded by trying to hurl him out of my arms.  After I put Dominic down, she immediately threw both her arms around my neck, dug her toes into my stomach and threw all her body weight around my shoulders.  This is her baby sign language for “MINE.”


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