Things Mimi did today

1. Carefully attempt to fit her foot into any random container.  Balance with one foot by her ear for several seconds while the chosen receptacle is brought into alignment.

2. Break her fall with her face.  Bite into her lip.  Wail for several minutes, wiping blood all over her face, bib, hands, and Mommy’s sweater.  Eventually assent to being distracted by Mommy cooking oatmeal, but make whimpering noises every few minutes just to make sure no one forgets.  Give everyone lopsided smiles with her swollen upper lip to ensure that they take her side in every altercation with Dominic throughout the day.

3. Fit pacifier into Mommy’s mouth.  Not being entirely sure why the pacifier isn’t going in smoothly, mash it harder against Mommy’s face.  Figure it will go in eventually. When Mommy protests, giggle repeatedly.

4. Demand to be walked around the kitchen multiple times, holding onto Mommy’s fingers.  Fling legs out at the knees and plant feet slightly crooked.  Look adorable.

5. Attempt to elicit sound from every object in the house.  Pound on xylophone.  Shake all bottles.  Swipe bottle lid back and forth over wood floor.  Bang on dishwasher door.

6. Convince Mommy to throw you up into the air repeatedly.  Shriek with glee, pump arms and legs.  Climb up Mommy’s legs until she consents to doing it 20 times.

7. Cuddle all stuffed animals and baby dolls.  Give kisses, pat faces, bite noses.  Giggle.


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