Today’s “Favorite Things”

  1. Dominic’s word-garble of the day: “Mommy, is doze…snugar shap peas?”
  2. Mimi cuddling her big floppy rabbit (almost her own size) in my arms before bed, stroking his face, and periodically holding him up for me to kiss his nose:
    “Giss?  giss?”
  3. The fact that these children — usually at Mimi’s loud and urgent insistence — hold hands everywhere they go.  Always.
    Holding hands Holding hands
  4. This conversation with Dominic at bedtime.  After our allotted cuddle time on his bed, I leaned over to give him a goodnight kiss, and he pulled away with a grin.

    “Don’t I get a kiss tonight, buddy?”
    ‘No, but…I…I going to have a goatee soon.” (This is the reason he doesn’t like to give Daddy kisses — he doesn’t like the scratchy goatee.)
    “Oh, you’re going to grow a goatee?”
    “How old will you be when you have a goatee?”
    [Rubbing his chin and looking thoughtfully at the ceiling] “Um……8.”

  5. Mimi will promptly point to her brother when you ask her where Dominic is.  She definitely knows his name.  For some reason, though, she insists on calling him “Mimi.”  (This is a little disappointing, given that we thought we might be able to find a cute nickname for Dominic based on what Mimi started calling him.  So that’s clearly not going to work.)**

    When she has been lying awake in bed for more than an hour and has progressed from silence to quiet babbling to periodic yelling — without managing to produce either parent — we often hear her shift to: “Mimi!  MIMI!!”

  6. …and after calling for Dominic, she will generally begin calling for her babysitter, Miss Abby.  Also, at random times throughout the day, she will call for Miss Abby out of the blue — “Ah-bee?  Ah-bee?!” — and point to the front door, demanding to know when this rock star of a woman is about to make an appearance.  Heaven forbid we actually mention this girl’s name in front of her; the “Ah-bee?!?“s won’t stop for a full five minutes.

    ** – As for what Dominic calls himself, it’s generally “Donnymic.”  So — yes, it’s cute.  It’s just not that helpful as a nickname.


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