Notes from the day

  1. Dominic opened his computer this morning and tried to get past the login screen.  “I just type ‘Vincent Munoz,’ Mommy,” he said, waiting for me to come enter the password.

    The screen read, “visnt munoz”.

  2. I sat Mimi on my lap to zip up her new sweater this morning.  Suddenly, she stood up, turned around, threw her arms around my neck, and kissed my face.  She then repeated the whole sequence multiple times,interspersed with cuddles and giggles.  I died.
  3. During lunch this afternoon, Dominic displayed a growing tendency to play the role of bossy elder sibling/snitch.  Every time he saw Mimi sneak her little sock-covered toes up over the side of the table, (which she loves to do, but knows that it is verboten), Dominic slyly drew my attention to it by asking all fake-innocently, “What she doing with her foots, Mommy?”
  4. After a rough afternoon yesterday, I just couldn’t manage dinner (which, of course, I hadn’t planned out ahead of time) and asked the kids if they wanted pizza. (Phillip was away on a business trip, so — why not?)  Mimi immediately started chirping insistently, “Pee-zah!  pee-zah!” and didn’t stop until the pizza made its way through our door.

    Margaret and I got the kids in their chairs, then I reminded them we needed to say grace. Mimi was anxious to get things moving along.  As I stood near the table with my hands folded, she pointed imperiously at Daddy’s office chair and said, very clearly, “Sit. …Down.”  Her very first complete sentence was a command.

  5. While I was in my room getting dressed this morning, the kids played in Dominic’s bedroom, climbing over the rail alongside his mattress and tumbling onto the bed. Mostly, I heard giggles and happy chatter, but, judging from the periodic yelling, Mimi have not been doing things exactly the way Dominic wanted.Each time this happened, Mimi would run down the hall toward my room in tears, saying, “Yah-yeen! yah-yeen!”

    “Is Dominic yelling at you, sweetie?”


    She just needed it acknowledged that Dominic was being a pill.

  6. This afternoon, Mimi tried for a repeat of the tumbling game on Dominic’s bed.  She got a bit ahead of herself, though, and tumbled off the foot of the mattress as she was trying to step off, hitting her head against the wall.  In the midst of the wailing and head-holding, I heard three words repeated over and over:”Bump  …mah …hayd!”
  7. And finally — Dominic has started reading.  He has been able to sound out simple 3- and 4-letter words for a while now and loves spelling words with his foam letters or on his computer, but he hasn’t ever just grabbed a book and tried to read it.

    The other day, he pulled a Sandra Boynton book (of all things) out of the book basket, lay on the floor on his tummy, and began trying to sound out the words.  He didn’t have much success, since it wasn’t an early reader book, but I was so excited by the development that I did a frantic happy dance out of his line of sight and signaled to Margaret to record it.

    …in other news, I now have to get really serious about teaching him to read.  And to surround him with books that have words that make sense to young spellers.  (“Well, honey, usually ‘ough’ says ‘ow‘, but it can also say ‘off‘, and in THIS case…”)

    And who has time for that nonsense?

    Mommy and Dominic


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